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Konvertering af våben fra 40k til GURPS

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1 Konvertering af våben fra 40k til GURPS on Ons 10 mar 2010 - 0:40


Stjålet skamløst herfra: http://darkreign40k.com/forum/index.php?topic=468.10;wap2
Ved ikke om det kan bruges til noget, men here goes:
Laspistol – Blaster Pistol TL11 (p. UT123)

The laspistol is a light, compact and reliable weapon, common throughout the Imperium. Designs vary widely and can range from elaborate heirloom devices inscribed with ornate carving and gold filigree, to simplistic but brutally robust weapons used by gangs and criminals.

TL11/Blaster Pistol/3d(5) burn, sur/Acc 5/Rage 300-900/Weight 1.6-C/RoF 3/Shots 40(3)/ST 4/Bulk -2/Rcl 1/Cost $2,200/LC 2

Las Carbine – Blaster Carbine TL11 (p. UT123)

A lighter, cut down version of the lasgun, the las carbine has fewer shots and a shorter range but is easier to carry and aim, often coming with a folding stock (an optional location for power cells).
TL11/Blaster Carbine/5d(5) burn, sur/Acc 10+1/Range 500-1,500/Weight 5.6-2C/RoF 3/Shots 17(3)/ST 5†/Bulk -3/Rcl 1/Cost $9,200/LC 2

Lasgun – Blaster Rifle TL11 (p. UT123)

Produced in a multitude of different styles and patterns, the lasgun can be found on almost every world of the Imperium, where its robust design and dependability make it a favored weapon of both the Emperor’s faithful and many of their foes.

TL 10/Blaster Rifle/6d(5) burn, sur/10+2/Range 700-2,100/Weight 10-2C/RoF 3/Shots 10(3)/ST 7†/Bulk -4/Rcl 1/Cost $18,000/LC 2

Long Las – Heavy Blaster TL11 (p. UT123)

Favored by snipers, the long las is a specially modified version of the lasgun constructed for added range and accuracy. As its name implies, a long las also has a much longer barrel than that of a lasgun, sometimes being up to twice the length, making it unwieldy in close quarters.

TL11/Heavy Blaster/8d(5) burn, sur/Acc 10+4/Range 1,200-3,600/Weight 20-Dp*/RoF 3/Shots 20(5)/ST 10†/Bulk -6/Rcl 1/ Cost $40,000/LC 1

Man Portable Lascannon – Semi-Portable Blaster TL11 (p. UT123)

Built for war, lascannons use huge power packs that provide enough energy to punch holes in the thickest armor even at very long ranges. Lascannons also require separate power packs, which is why they are often crewed by two or more people.

TL9/Semi-Portable Blaster/6dx2(5) burn, sur/Acc 15/Range 2,800-8,400/Weight 70-Ep/RoF 3/Shots 50(5)/ST 18M/Bulk -8/Rcl 1/Cost $140,000/LC 1


Autopistol – Machine Pistol, 10mmCLP TL9 (p. UT135)

Compact and rapid-firing, autopistols are favorites of gangers and outlaws.

TL9/Machine Pistol, 10mmCLP/3d pi+/Acc 2/Range 180-2,000/Weight 3-1/RoF 3/Shots 30+1(3)/ST 10/Bulk -2/Rcl 3/Cost $300/LC 2

Stub Revolver - Revolver .50M TL9 (NEW)

Based on an ancient and well tested design, the stub revolver is an ideal backup weapon.
TL8/Stub Revolver/4d pi+/Acc 2/Range 300-2,600/Weight 4.25-0.5/RoF 2/Shots 6(3i)/ST 12/Bulk -4/Rcl 4/Cost $200/LC 3

Stub Automatic – Medium Pistol, 7.5mmCLP TL9 (p. UT138)

Just as common as the revolver variant, the stub automatic allow for a greater rate of fire and clip capacity, though at the cost of reliability and a much smaller round.

TL9/Medium Pistol, 7.5mmCLP/2d+2 pi/Acc 2/Range 150-1,900/Weight 2-0.5/RoF 3/Shots 30+1(3)/ST 9/Bulk -2/Rcl 2/Cost $250/LC 3

Hand Cannon – Magnum Pistol, 15mmCLP TL9 (p. UT138)

A variant of the stub revolver, the huge hand cannon fires enormous rounds designed to not only take down a target but make a loud and intimidating noise when doing so. These weapons produce ferocious recoil.

TL9/Magnum Pistol, 15mmCLP/4d+1 pi++/Acc 2/Range 235-2,600/Weight 3-1/RoF 3/Shots 9+1(3)/ST 11/Bulk -2/Rcl 4/Cost $770/LC 3

Autogun – Assault Carbine, 7mmCL TL9 (p. UT138)

Cheap and easy to produce on even the lowest tech planets autoguns are a staple weapon across the Imperium. Durable, rugged and easily stocked with readily available ammunition, these weapons are a common sight especially in the rougher parts of the galaxy.

TL9/Assault Carbine, 7mmCL/6d pi/Acc 4/Range 700-4,000/Weight 7-1.5/RoF 15/Shots 50+1(3)/ST 9†/Bulk -4/Rcl 2/Cost $1,000/LC 2

Hunting Rifle – Hunting 7mmCL TL9 (p. UT136)

Hunting rifles can be found in the hands of a frontier hunter, or carried by a wealthy sportsman in the pursuit of prey. Highly accurate in the arms of a trained user, even at extremely long rangers, a hunting rifle can bring down its target be it man or beast.

TL9/Hunting Rife, 7mmCL/6d+1 pi/Acc 4/Range 750-4,200/Weight 7-0.3/RoF 3/Shots 10+1(3)/ST 9†/Bulk -5/Rcl 2/Cost $600/LC 3

Shotgun – Civilian Shotgun, 18.5mmPC TL 9 (p. UT137)

Even the lowest-tech factories can produce these weapons, making them a common sight in the galaxy. Favored for urban and shipboard combat, where their short-range stopping power comes into play, shotguns have found their way into the arsenal of many Imperial organizations.
TL9/Civilian Shotgun, 18.5mmPC/4d+4 pi++/Acc 3/ Range 100-500/Weight 6-0.75/RoF 3/Shots 5+1(3)/ST 10†/Bulk -5/Rcl 4/Cost $250/LC 3

Pump-Action Shotgun – Underbarrel Shotgun, 18.5mmPC TL9 (p. UT137)

[Note] This is a standalone weapon, as well as a possible attachment to larger weapons systems. The Pump-Action Shotgun includes a detachable grip complete with a secondary trigger. Favored by enforcers, the pump-action shotgun has all the strengths of its double-barreled cousin with the added benefits of increased clip capacity. [Note] I will reflect this here in the players guide GURPS stats. There are also few things as distinctive (and frightening) as the sound of a pump-action shotgun chambering a shell.

TL9/Underbarrel Shotgun, 18.5mmPC/4d+1 pi++/Acc 2/Range 100-500/Weight 2-0.75/RoF 2/Shots 6+1(3i)/ST 10†/Bulk -1/Rcl 4/Cost $200/LC 2

Combat Shotgun – Close Assault Weapon, 18.5mmPC TL9 (p. UT137)

These automatic shotguns, often fed from a drum magazine, are designed purely for warfare (urban: house to house combat) and are even deadlier than the normal shotgun. In addition to their short-range destructive power, they hammer out an intimidating racket when being fired.

TL9/Close Assault Weapon, 18.5mmPC/4d+4 pi++/Acc 3/ Range 100-500/ Weight 10-1.5/RoF 10/Shots 10+1(3) OR 50 +1 [adds 7.5 to weight]/ST 11†/Bulk -5/Rcl 4/Cost $600/LC 2

Saint’s Teeth – Shotgun Pistol, 18.5mmPC TL9 (p. UT137)

[Note] This weapon will not be found in the DH PDF as it will be included in the hundreds of weapons in the Inquisitors Handbook due out in May 08. However, we don’t need that book to know what it does. A wide-bore pistol that fires shotgun ammunition, it is ideal for house-to-house work or for firing from a vehicle. It’s also a favorite Ordos undercover weapon, despite its substantial recoil.

TL9/Shotgun Pistol, 18.5mmPC/4d pi++/Acc 1/Range 100-500/Weight 4-0.7/RoF 3/Shots 5+1(3)/ST 10/Bulk -3/Rcl 5/Cost $230/LC 3

Heavy Stubber – Light Support Weapon, 7mm TL9 (p. UT137)

A mainstay support weapon on lower-tech planets, and also popular with outlaws and hive gangers, the heavy stubber is ideal for fighting off large numbers of enemies or even lightly armored vehicles. Heavy stubbers can also be used with an ammunition drum (rather than belt fed), changing its clip size dramatically.

TL9/Light Support Weapon, 7mm/6d pi/Acc 4/Range 700-4,000/Weight 15-5/RoF 15/Shots 200(5)/ST 9B†/Bulk -5/Rcl 2/Cost $2,000/LC1


Bolt Pistol (NEW)

Carrying a bolt pistol is a sign of high status in the Imperium, one that only a minority can afford due to the high cost of maintenance and ammunition. However, few can argue with their destructive power in combat and after experiencing their potent capabilities, a man might beggar himself to own one.

TL8/Bolt Pistol/4d+4 pi+/Acc 2/Range 300-2,600/Weight 4.25-0.5/RoF 3/Shots 8(3i)/ST 12/Bulk -4/Rcl 3/Cost $1200/LC 3

Boltgun – Storm Carbine, 10mmCL TL9 (p. UT137)

Boltguns are known for the unique roar they make when fired, as the propellant in their shells ignite, followed shortly by the explosive detonation as they hit their target. It is an experience only slightly less satisfying than seeing the results of such a weapon in action.

TL9/Storm Carbine, 10mmCL/7d pi++/Acc 4/Range 700-2,100/Weight 8-2/RoF 10/Shots 50+1(3)/ST 10†/Bulk -4/Rcl 3/Cost $1,800

Heavy Bolter – Heavy Chaingun, 15mmCL TL9 (P.UT137)

A larger support version of the boltgun, the heavy bolter is seldom seen outside military organizations. It uses a much larger version of the standard bolt shell, with more propellant for greater distance and stopping power, which also makes it more deadly to armored vehicles. This is the standard fare of most Deahwatch chapters.

TL9/Heavy Chaingun, 15mmCL/15d pi+/Acc 6/Range 2,000-9,000/Weight 75-12/RoF 12/Shots 50(5)/ST 20M/Bulk -8/Rcl 2/Cost $20,000/LC 1


Inferno Pistol - Hand Flamer TL9^ (p. UT128)

The technology behind the inferno pistol is hard to reproduce, making these weapons exceptionally rare and expensive. Possessing and inferno pistol is a sign of status, and usually only powerful and influential individuals have the honor of owning one of these valuable relics.
TL9^/Hand Flamer/4d burn/Acc 3/Range 30-90/Weight 3.3-2C/Rof 1/Shots 56(3)/ST 6/Bulk -2/Rcl 1/Cost $4,200/LC 1

Meltagun – Assault Flamer TL9^ (p. UT128)

Meltaguns are the most common form of melta weapon, coveted by soldiers for their massive close-range destructive power. There are also few things as good at cutting through armor than a meltagun, and they are often pressed into service for breaching bulkheads. As an alternative to using a meltagun with attached canisters, you may instead have a backpack and feed line, which greatly increased the weapons capacity.

TL9^/Assault Flamer/5d burn/Acc 6/Range 50-150/Weight 5.6-2C/RoF 1/Shots 28(3)/ST5†/Bulk -3/Rcl 1/ Cost $6,200


Plasma Pistol TL11^ (p. UT128)

Few pistols are deadlier than the plasma pistol, and those willing to take the risk of using one posse a weapon capable of taking down almost any foe at close range. The smallest plasma gun, equivalent in size to a blaster pistol, it has a shorter range than a blaster, but delivers more destructive energy. An unarmored human struck by a plasma pistol bolt is usually nothing but charred bones.

TL11^/Plasma Pistol/7d+2(2) burn ex/Acc 4/Range 375-1,100/Weight 1.6/C/RoF 3/Shots 40(3)/ST 6/Bulk -2/Rcl 2/Cost $9,400/LC 1

Plasma Gun – Plasma Battle Rifle TL11^ (p. UT128)

An uncommon weapon, even in the ranks of the Imperial Guard or illustrious Space Marine Forces, most extant plasma guns are hundreds if not thousands of years old. However, as a testament to their design, they remain as deadly today as they were on the day of their fabrication. As an alternative to using a plasma gun with attached plasma flask (clips), you may instead have a backpack and feed line.

TL11^/Plasma Battle Rifle/3dx5(2) Burn ex/Acc 8+2/Range 750-2,250/Weight 10-2C/RoF 3/Shots 10(3)/ST 10†/Bulk -4/Rcl 2/Cost $18,000/LC 1

[Note] Characters can offer the GM with character points for some Relic Class weapons.
FLAME WEAPONS (Promethium)

Promethium Hand Flamer – (subdued) Hand Flamer

Flame pistols or hand flamers are designed for personal combat at close range where their very short range and poor accuracy are not an issue.

TL9^/Promethium Hand Flamer/3d burn/Acc 2/Range 20-80/Weight 3.3-2C/Rof 1/Shots 56(3)/ST 6/Bulk -2/Rcl 1/Cost $1,700/LC 1

Promethium Flamer – (subdued) Assault Flamer

Flamers are terrifying and indiscriminate weapons ideal for attacking enemies in cover or confined spaces. Both an under-slung canister and backpack with feed are available.

TL9^/Promethium Flamer/4d burn/Acc 5/Range 50-150/Weight 5.6-2C/RoF 1/Shots 28(3)/ST 5†/Bulk -3/Rcl 1/ Cost $2,200


Grenade Launcher – Underbarrel Grenade Launcher; 40mmWH (p. UT154)
Found in both an under-barrel and full assault variations.

TL9^/Underbarrel Grenade Launcher; 40mmWH/8d cr, ex/Acc 4+2/Range 360-2,200/Weight 1.5-0.8 OR 15.5-0.8 (For full Weapon)/Rof 1 OR Rof 2 (For full Weapon)/Shots 3(3) OR 12(3)/ST 10 OR 12†/Bulk * OR -5/Rcl 3/Cost $800 - $14,000/LC 1

Needle Pistol TL 9^ (p. UT140)

Needle pistols use a low-power laser beam to propel small slivers of crystalline filled with viral toxins. Enemies wounded by them are almost instantly paralyzed or dead within moments. As they are virtually silent and have no muzzle flash, needle weapons are ideal for assassins.
TL9^/Needler, 3mmN/1d+2 pi-/Acc 1/Range 50-150/Weight 1-0.3/RoF 3/Shots 100(3)/ST 7/Bulk -2/Rcl 2/ Cost $500/LC 3

Standard Needler Ammo:

Burrow Darts (TL 10), they have a (0.5) armor divisor, plus a special cyclic follow-up attack: if even 1 point of injury was inflicted, the darts will burrow, inflicting 1 HP of injury each turn until the victim is dead, or seconds have passed equal to the caliber in mm.

AP Nerve Poison (TL 9), if this standard dart 1d+2(2) due to AP needle, if it inflicts 1 HP of injury the target requires a HT-7 roll to resist. Failure inflicts 1d toxic damage. This is repeated at one-minute intervals, until six cycles have passed.

Loss of 1/3 HP results in coughing and the Neurological Disorder (Mild) disadvantage, loss of ½ HP results in being nauseated plus the Neurological Disorder (Sever) disadvantage. Loss of 2/3 HP add the Neurological Disorder (Crippling) disadvantage. The victim suffers only one disorder due to the nerve venom, with the severity increasing as he loses HP.

Needle Rifle

Prized by snipers, the needle rifle offers the perfect combination of range stealth and deadliness. The only argument against these exquisite weapons is that they are next to useless against heavily armored targets.

TL9^/Needle Rifle, 3mmN/2d pi-/Acc 4/Range 75-300/Weight 5-1/RoF 3/ Shots 100(3)/ST 7†/Bulk -4/Rcl 2/Cost $600/LC 4

Web Pistol & Webber: See Ammo (p. UT155)

Chain Weapons

If I had to describe these weapons with one word it would be “LOUD”. The weapon takes a ready action to power-up, when it reaches full rotation the sword howls like a table saw lit with cracking energy; presumably from the C-cell exciting the saw’s thick coating of sacred machine oil. They operate off of standard power cells, work like glorified “Chainsaws”. Using a hyper-dense alloy called Ulyssesium. A sword or Axe edge is replaced with saw mechanism. This operation is relatively inexpensive, costing only $500 thrones. AKA the poor man’s Power Sword.

TL9^/sw+1d+2(2)/Reach 1/Parry 0U/Cost +$500 to weapon/Weight +5 to weapon/ST 12*

Power Weapons

Power weapons work by projecting a disruptive energy field along the length of a blade or head of a weapon, allowing it to slice through most armor as well as limbs. Many of these weapons conceal their true nature via subtle power packs and energy projection veins, appearing as a normal weapon until activated when crackles of lightning run across the blade. Most can function as a simple weapon when powered down. There are older (Manufactured before the Dark Age of Technology) power weapons that do not use traditional blades at all. I’ll illustrate with Power Sword.

Nanothorn Blades (TL11^) (p. UT164)

Example: Bastard Sword/sw+4 [+2 from mono weapon] (10) corrosion/Reach 1,2 Parry 0/Cost $10,000 and up

[Notes] The Bastard Sword has been folded down into a Mono Blade (+2 cutting damage), and still benefits from the (10) armor divisor. But, as it’s been upgraded to a Nanothorn Blade the damage type is converted to corrosion.

Power Sword (Relic) – Force Sword TL11^ (p. UT166) Starting Prerequisite: Signature Gear & GM Ok

TL11^/Force Sword/8d(5) burn/Reach 1,2/Parry 0/Cost* $100,000 and up/Weight 2/ST 3
Shock Weapons

Shock Maul & Electro-Flail (p. UT165)

TL9^ Electrothermal-Chemical augmented weapons. All slug firearms (not compatible with Laz, flame or Plasma weapons) can be upgraded with this modification. (p. UT139) Double all prices!
Also be sure to look at Firearm Accessories (p. UT 149) some of these upgrades require jacks (bio/cyber ware) be sure to check for compatibility. For example neural networks needed to use Diagnostic Computers are the property (dominion) of Tech Priests, and you’re not likely to get them at start.

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Menneske Paladin/Troldmand
cool nok der!

synes umiddelbart det er ærgeligt at boltguns og heavy bolter er henholdsvist pi++ og pi+ (den lille bolter har den store kaliber og omvendt)...deusden er AD 5 alt for meget til lasguns, så kommer de mega til at outranke solid slug weaps... men vil helt sikkert jærnføre mig med det undervejs.

tænkte egentligt at bolters skal have rimelig standart skade med en follow up exp damage på 1d eller 2d...

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Synes det er lidt ærgerligt hvis vi helt skal opgive at spille GURPS i 40k. Jeg håber vi kan komme til at spille igen på et tidspunkt. Om det er med Hershef banden eller ikke, gør mig ikke noget.


Jeg fandt forresten lige lidt læsning fra SJ forummet om konvertering af 40k. En lang men spændende tråd...[url=http://forums.sjgames.com/showthread.php?t=67296 ]Her![/url]

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Menneske Paladin/Troldmand
den duer ikke! altså linket...

med hensyn til Hershef er den ikke aflivet, men sat i dvale... enten kommer vi til at spille i den igen men den samme bande, eller en anden... men vi kommer til at spille i 40k igen!

Breeding Imperators for a living now... want one?
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Jeg prøver igen....det var da underligt at linket ikke virker..

Mega cool med Hershef banden!

Her er et uddrag fra tråden:
60 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20]; IQ-1 [-20]; HT+2 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will+1 [5]; Per+1 [5].
Advantages: Arm ST+3 (Both Arms) [15]; Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin, -40%) [6]; Daredevil [15]; Fangs [2]; Hard to Kill 2 [4]; Night Vision 3 [3]; Universal Digestion [5].
Disadvantages: Bully [-10]; Callous [-5]; Chummy [-5].

Any ork in a position of authority will be significantly larger (Nobs, Warbosses and Big Meks will have Gigantism) and stonger. Higher ranked orks also tend to have a lot of cinematic skills and advantages, especially imbuements, but these aren't part of the racial template since the average ork isn't really that impressive.

-1 IQ.....er det ikke meget lidt at ændre IQ? Jeg troede orker var pænt dumme, men -1, det ligger vel stadig rimelig meget inden for menneske-normalen...?
-2 ST....er det ikke meget lidt at ændre ST?

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