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Psychic Powers 40k til GURPS

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1 Psychic Powers 40k til GURPS on Ons 10 mar 2010 - 0:47


Stjålet skamløst fra: http://darkreign40k.com/forum/index.php?topic=468.10;wap2
Kan det bruges?


Large portions of humanity have been born with psychic powers of some sort. There are everyday people who get “feelings” that get validated regularly. However, and most often, those individuals’ powers never fully mature and they become something of a one-trick-pony. In fact, people with mild psychic powers are often drafted by inquisitors for their latent abilities. Those whom posses’ far greater aptitudes are drafted into the Adeptus Astra Telepathica thus becoming Imperial Psykers.

But, where there is light there must be darkness. And, this setting has its own unique balance of sorts. Portions of humanity have also been born as psychic nulls. Their minds are voids; perhaps black-holes where psychic energy is simple absorbed and lost. Some only come to torment a psyker if assaulted with psionic abilities directly, while others (the most hated) can blanket entire areas with their passive effect. Most psychics with the Psyniscience advantage will immediately notice these individuals, as their very presence is nauseating, if not intolerable to most psykers. Often inquisitors will keep these psychic nulls as retainers as well, for their minds are impervious to all but the most powerful psykers, making sure that secrets stay well hidden. It is possible for a psyker to become accustomed to this hollow shell of a human (their perspective of nulls), but it takes time and generally a valuable relationship. It’s a difficult pact to create considering that most psykers believe these individuals to be less than human, and in some extreme cases, evolutionary throwbacks to the ignorant origins of man.

Psykers are built with a -20% modifier "Weather they know it or not, the mind of each psyker shines brightly within the otherworldly dimension of the warp, or immateriaum as it is also known. This psychic realm is home to unspeakable beings, hungry predators that look upon such soul-fires with great anticipation. The denizens of the immaterium-warp beasts, daemons and worse-find great sport in weak and unprotected minds, an unwary psyker is easily attacked, consumed or used as a gateway from the warp to the physical realm." And, a -10% because of the existence of psyckin nulls, people born with innate ability to dampen psi powers, and a host of drugs that could tamper with psykers skills …
Total setting adjustment for Psi powers = -30%

Psyniscience! – Isn’t a skill it’s a Perception/psychic advantage. (p. DH108) Detect 20/30 points (p. B48)

“You can become attuned with the ebb and flow of the warp and the immaterium. The most common application of this [advantage] is to detect the presence or absence of Daemons, other psykers, immaterium disruptions, and other phenomena emanates.”
Mind Shield – Advantage (p. B70)

Mind Block – Will/Average Defaults: Will-5 or Meditation-5

Pskyana Conditioning – Is a Technique that requires Mind Block as a prerequisite. (p. B210) See Coded Thoughts it’s a technique and works much in the same way as Pskyana Conditioning.

Coded Thoughts – Techniques – Hard Default: Mind Block-6 Prerequisite: Mind Block and Cryptography; cannot Exceed Mind Block Skill. (p. S38)

Cellular Control [164]
Immunity to Poison (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [12]
Immunity to Extremes of Temperature (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [12]
Vacuum Support (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [4]
ST +3 (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [23]
DX +3 (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [45]
IQ +3 (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [45]
HT +3 (Costs 2 HP -20%; Requires Will Roll -5%) [23]

For those of you who want to roll for your character’s psychic nature, or who want to justify their character as a psychic null roll on the following chart.

1 – 15: The character is a psychic null, can neutralize or possibly resists pycker assaults
16 – 75: You’re character was born without any psychic talent
76 – 85: The character might have one psychic talent (latent)
86 – 100: You’re character was taken by the black ships to a Adeptus Astra Telepathica academy (Psyker)

[Note] You’re not required to roll on this chart to justify they type of character you’d like to play. But it is fun.

Holy Crap I Rolled Psychic Null … And want to take it!

Neutralize 50 points (p. B71)
Psi Static 30 points (p. B78)
Resistant Variable (p. B80)

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2 Re: Psychic Powers 40k til GURPS on Ons 10 mar 2010 - 11:07


Menneske Paladin/Troldmand
meget af det her er almindelige regler til Gurps, som er penslet ud... ganske gode og solide ideer. tænker at lave begge dele, både kører nogle fordele som psychic powers (latent talents eller in-born aptitudes) og derudover spells (tillørte rotes eller ritualer eller 'ways to channel the warp'. det her dokument handler mest om den første kategori, men er cool til at give ihvertfald en start på ideer eller character designs... laver desuden nok en revideret "perils of the Warp" miscast liste ud fra black penalty listen i Gurps: Magic. det betyder at det bliver farligere at caste spells, hvis man altså har tænkt sig at faile i det. derudover har jeg et "krav" til alle psychic powers som er fordele at de minimum skal have en "flavour" som kan betegnes som en 1 points flaw, der siger noget om hvad der sker som bivirkning når den her pågældne psyker activerer sin power og rykker lidt at the warp ind i virkeligheden... det samme gør sig også gældende for magery... mest for at få en masse godt show at fortælle events og scenes ud fra...

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3 Re: Psychic Powers 40k til GURPS on Tors 24 jun 2010 - 0:48


Her den side effects liste jeg har lavet til GURPS fantasy (stjålet fra Dark Heresy og GURPS Magic). Tænker den kan bruges tilvores 40k, måske med lidt små ændringer.

Whenever a wizard spell is cast there’s always the risk of something terrible happening. If the three dice show the same pips make a roll on the side effects table. Roll 3d and add any FP spent in casting the spell to the roll. If the casting fails, only roll on the side effects table if you rolled three of the same or if it was a critical failure.

Side effects
3: Dark Foreboding: A very faint breeze blows past the caster and those near him, and everyone gets the eerie feeling that something unfortunate has just happened somewhere in the world
4: Echoes: For 1d seconds, voices and other noises causes echoes regardless of surroundings
5: Stench: The air around the caster fills with a faint stench which can be either pleasant or noxious. The stench lasts for 3d seconds
6: Paranoia: The caster gets an itch between his shoulder blades for just a moment
7: Grave Chill: The temperature drops sharply for a few seconds, and a fine coating of frost covers everything within 4d meters of the caster
8: Unnatural Aura: All animals within 2d x 100 meters become spooked and restless
9: Memory Worm: All people within line of sight of the caster forget something trivial
10: Spoilage: All food and drink spoils within1d x 10 meters of the caster
11: Haunting Breeze: Moderate winds whip around the caster for 1d seconds. The wind blows about very light objects within 2d meters of the caster.
12: Gust: A wind whips around the caster, ruffling his clothes and hair. The wind only affects the caster and no one but the caster can even feel the wind
13: Demonic Backlash: Somewhere else, a demonic “backlash” does something awful to something the caster values; the level of awfulness varies with the power and intent of the spell
14: Veil of Darkness: For 1d seconds it seems that night has fallen. Everyone within 5d meters of the caster is plunged into absolute darkness
15: Distorted Reflection: Mirrors break and other reflective surfaces distort or ripple within 5d meters of the caster
16: Breath Leech: Everyone, including the caster, becomes short of breath. A HT roll is required if you want to do anything but draw a deep breath for your next action. Casters casting a spell must also make a Will check
17: Daemonic Mask: For a brief moment the caster takes on the visage of a demon, granting him Terror (B93) for the rest of the turn. Anyone who looks at the caster must make a fright check at -2
18: Unnatural Decay: All plants within 5d meters of the caster wither and die
19: Spectral Gale: Howling winds erupt around the caster, lifting him slightly into the air and forcing both him and anyone within 6d meters to make a knockback check (1d yards) or be knocked back in a random direction, risking falling down
20: Bloody Tears: Blood weeps from stone and wood within 5d meters of the caster. If there are any pictures of people or statues in this radius, they appear to be crying blood. This might provoke fright checks
21: The Earth Protests: The ground suddenly shakes and everyone (including the caster) within 2d x 10 meters radius is affected. Very slight damage to any buildings, and anyone in the area must make a DX roll to stay on their feet
22: Magic Discharge: Static electricity fills the air for 1d x10 meters, causing hair to stand on end, while the caster rises 1d meters into the air, falling back to earth after a 1d-2 seconds
23: Twist of Intent: Spell is cast on loved ones, friends, allies, innocent bystanders, or the caster (in that order) if malevolent, on foes if benevolent
24: Weeping Wounds: The caster takes 1d points of injury and the wounds immediately become infected (see Infection, p. B444)
25: Baleful Apparitions: Ghostly apparitions fill the air for 5d meters around the caster, flying around and howling in pain for 1d-1 seconds. Everyone in the radius must make a fright check at -3
26: Nightmare: Caster must make a Fright Check at -5 as horrific visions of the hells fill his eye sockets
27: Falling Upwards: Everything within 3d meters of the caster (including the caster) rises 2d-2 meters into the air, as gravity briefly disappears, before falling to the ground after 1d-1 seconds.
28: Banshee Howl: A deafening keening sounds out for a kilometer, shattering glass and forcing everyone in the area (including the caster) to make a HT roll or be deafened (Hard of Hearing B138) for 1d minutes
29: The Furies: The caster is thrown to the ground by unseen hands and thrashes about for a 1d seconds as winds howl about within 6d meters of him, lifting up light objects and forcing those in the area to make a knockback check (1d yards) or be knocked back in a random direction, risking falling down. (check windstorm)
30: Hideous Marks: Caster loses one level of Appearance in a manner appropriate to the spell attempted. A Create Fire spell might cause unsightly burn scars, while a Madness spell might subtly unhinge the caster’s eye sockets for a wild, staring effect
31: Plague Retching: The room fills with buzzing insects pouring from caster’s mouth for 1d rounds. Each round the caster takes 1 point of damage to his vitals and -1 FP as the insects force themselves out. The caster cannot take any other action. Everyone within line of sight must make a fright check at -5
32: Shadow of Insanity: For a second the world changes in appearance and everyone within 2d x 10 meters has a glimpse at the heart of madness. Everyone in the area (including the caster) must make a fright check at -8
33: Madness: A violent ripple of discord causes all creatures within 4d meters (except of the caster) to make a fright check at -10
34: Frightful Ageing: The caster ages 4d years.
35: Reality Rift: A hole is torn in the fabric that shields the world from the outside. One or more creatures not native to this world are pulled through.
36: Vermin: Spell creates vermin (rat, giant cockroach, immense tapeworm) inside the caster (stomach, throat, etc.). Depending on the nature and location of the vermin, this may do severe damage; an agitated rat in one’s innards would do up to 2d damage directly to the vitals!
37: Shattering of the Barrier: Creates a permanent magical portal leading to another plane, time, or dimension – effectively, a hole in time and space from which those who enter will teleport, timeport, and/or planeshift to a destination determined by the GM. All creatures within 5 kilometers know that something otherworldly has appeared in their world. Closing this portal is an adventure in itself!
38+: Several Side Effects: Roll 1d extra times on the side effects table, choosing all or the worst effects rolled. Whichever suits your needs. All rolls are at +20, don't add spent FP. If Several Side Effects is rolled on one of these extra rolls, add the extra rolls. Yes, this catastrophic has potential!

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