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The Apprehension of Lorric Chaine

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1 The Apprehension of Lorric Chaine on Lør 6 nov 2010 - 13:16


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On the rural planet Galas the Holy Ordos have tracked Lorric Chaine, a dealer in illegal artefacts and associate of the Great Betrayer; Atnan Coro, to the abbandoned sentry-post Bravery-Gamma. two inquisitors, Damien Teesh of the Ordos Malleus and Adrian DeMoel of the Ordos Hereticus have taken it upon themselves to bring the villain to questioning. They planned a dawn-raid, knowing the specific of Chaines henchmen to be limited to a gun-servitor and a hired thug.

The raid on the camp was initiated by Inquisitor Teesh who purposefully sprinted towards the perimeter, only pausing to embrace the warp and let it flow through his entire system, strenthening him beyond belief. His right-hand-man Shiat Colem sought to take the higher ground and have a good outlook on the camp with his high-powered rifle, covering Teesh. From the opposite direction Inquisitor DeMoel likewise approached the camp at a good strike, covered by his trusted henchmen Toomas Richter.

Standing on the perimeter, taking a leak, the hired thug Odo was unaware until suddenly set on by Inquisitor Teesh and fighting for his life, keeping the dreaded Force-sword at bay, all the while Inquisitor DeMoel ran to the fencing, crouching and covering the camp with his huge-bore boltpistol. At the sound of the fighting, Chaine approached, with his Servitor at his heels, starring dumb-struck as Teesh forced Odo, first on the defensive and then to the ground with mighty hacking chops of his wicked blade and a burst from his Plasma pistol, even though he managed to scorch himself on it. DeMoel took advantage of the situation and sent a volley of hellfire rounds streaming towards Chaine, but only managing to make a single hit in the chest. But even that was enough to send Chaine to his knees. In his surprise and frustration he ordered his servitor to kill everything, and the only thing in his field of vision, was Colem climbing up to the edge of a bunker-head. Sending a dealy salvo at its target, the servitor staggered at the force of the recoil, and missing Colem by a hairs width, who steeled himself and climbed on inspite of the explosive rounds going of around his head.

Seconds later Richter came over the ridge of a hill and sent a hail of stubber-rounds down in the camp, capping Chaine and shredding his vacc-tent, just as Colem got a bead on him. Instead Colem prepared to lend cover to his master as he ran to finish of the automaton all the while DeMoel sprinted to kill the signal from a vox-tower sent to warn Chaine associates.

The mission was succesful and took just under 80 seconds to execute

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