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Horde of the Mual'Baeth - Fluff

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1 Horde of the Mual'Baeth - Fluff on Lør 3 mar 2012 - 21:39


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The Host of the Mual'Baeth

The Mual'Baeth, which means something like ”The Entity Ending Countless Lives, in the Names of the Unnameables” in the grotesque language of the Demons, is a trusted ally of the Great Abaddon and a part of his Black Crusade, and has served him on several occasions. But most famous of his deeds is the Bloodshed of Calvares VI, where the Hordes of Abaddon where pushed back by the Loyalist defenselines time and time again, until the cunning Mual'Baeth sent his followers through a rift in fabric of reality, and into the heart of the enemy forces. Outnumbered at least a hundred to one, the followers of the Mual'Baeth managed to draw enough of the defenders to the enemy in their midst, and away from the lines, so Lord Abaddon with a final decisive push, could overwhelm the lines, destroy the Loyalist forces - one and all, and aid the torn remnants of the dedicated followers of the Mual'Baeth , who had been all but decimated during the furious fighting. The Mual'Baeth received great praise for his clever ruse, and cemented his position as an ally to the Arch-Fiend

The Mual'Baeth himself is a massive being imbued with and transformed by the power of the Ruinous Powers, to a degree that makes him so much more than a mortal man. Standing almost 15 feet tall, with powerful muscles rippling across his enormous frame, he is a monster capable of freezing the blood of even the stoutest warriors. But most frightening of all is his inhuman cleverness. He can outwit even the best of the well-taught strategists of the Imperial Scholae, by simply putting his Deamonic mind to the cause, and using all and every asset available to him, without aiming at anything but victory, not the lives of his followers, for they will be taken good care of in the netherworld when they die in the name of the Ruinous Powers, but simply victory, straight and pure.

Of the lieutenants of his warband, the foremost is Cadre Mon, his First Disciple. Cadre speeds to battles with his personal retinue, the Heralds of the Mual'Baeth, either on ancient, warped War-Bikes or with Unholy Jetpacks, fueled by the terror they cause in the hearts of those they slay. Cadre has the honour of using the Xat'Lood-na, which is a wicked weapon possessed by a slave-deamon, once beaten by the Mual'Baeth and forced into servitude in the fists of his Captain. Cadre is always preceded by the endless scream of the slave-deamon, as it rages on, as it has for millennia, fully aware of its horrible fate - a deamon, in the grasp of a mortal man, used as a mere tool.

Sialith Sciara, the Pleasure-Beast, the Twin-Gendered, is a devoted officer of the Mual'Baeth. He/She leads the Terminators of his Host and has done so for an eternity, and for an eternity it has brought glory to the Mual'Baeth, without fail. He/She is always to be found in the thickest of the fighting, for He/She lives to taste the residue of souls departing their body-vessels in utter terror and agony, and is rumoured to spend hours tormenting His/Her victims, fellow Terminators and even Himself/Herself to a degree that has long passed into the posthuman.

Chemoarc, the Abyssal Horror, Captains the Vanguard of the Mual'Baeth. He is favoured of the God Tzeentch, and rides into battle, standing proud on his Disc, whilst his Warriors rides similar devices powered by just as malevolent energies. Chemoarc and his Disc-fiends joined the band of the Mual'Baeth after the Bloodshed of Calvares VI, as they were a gift to the Mual'Baeth from the Great Despoiler. The Disc-riding warriors are always surrounded by a coiling darkness, murmuring and jibbering and making the Warriors approach all but undetectable. Unleashing the full wrath of the God of Tzeentch, with Lightning Claws and Powerfist alike, the Horrors have laid waste to scores of Imperial Servants, all in the name of Ruinous Powers and to the glory of the Mual'Baeth.

The newest of the Mual'Baeths Lieutenants is the Khornate Berserker Quornoq, with his horde of dedicated butcherers aswell as the Slaughter-Engine Morckt-Sict, that has joined the cause of the Mual'Baeth during the Primo Shaquir invasion, and was given custody the Mual'Baeths War-Shrine, a great and venerable Land Raider, as reward for their successful attack on the Shaquiron Hive bridgehead, where they single-handedly and recklessly attacked and overpowered a whole battalion of guardsmen and opening a clear path to the central gates, where the rest of the Mual'Baeths warriors penetrated the hives defences with easy, and putting the entire population to the gutting stakes. Quornoq himself was given the Hives Dirigent family, as an additional treat, and spent many days and nights bathing in their fluids and giving praise to his Scarlet God.

The Life-Wardens of the Mual'Baeth the most elite unit of the Mual'Baeths Cohorts, and proud of it. Though without a Captain, they all stand under the immediate command of the Mual'Baeth, scorning the orders of others, save perhaps the First Disciple. They each carry an enormous rapid-firing weapon known as Doom-Hailers, that can easily tear the flesh from a mans bones in seconds. The combines firepower of the Life-Wardens have been jestingly equated with an eclipse, so dense is the rain of bullets.

The rank-and-file followers of the Mual'Baeth are battle-proven Chaos Space Marines, dedicated to the Mual'Baeth. They are known and feared for their ruthlessness, brutality and viciousness, but foremost, they are known to be almost mindlessly obedient to the Mual'Baeth. There are several “brotherhoods” or Sects in the Host, each worshipping the Mual'Baeth is different and unique ways, and also adorning themselves in unique and different ways. Among the most prominent of these Sects is the Horned Ones, and the Scarlet Cantos, both distinguished in battle and trusted initiates of the Mual'Baeth

The Mual'Baeth is not only followed by Flesh and Bone, but also of lumbering Vehicles of War. Most prominent of those is the deranged Deamon-engine known as the Chariot of the Mual'Baeth. It is an ancient pre-heresy Alpha-Pattern Vindicators possessed by an equally ancient deamon, so old and worn that it spends most of its time slumbering, only to be woken by the powerful words of the Mual'Baeth, when strife is eminent, and it is empowered and filled with fury and hatred and wrecks havoc and destruction to the glory of its master, the Mual'Baeth.
Other Deamon Engines have found their way to the Host or the Mual'Baeth. Ka'Karkhan - The Prophet of the Mual'Baeth, a great Defiler, is one such Deamon Engine. Along with the Slaughter-Engine Morckt-Sict, it assails the enemy of the Mual'Baeth, with horrifying wrath and spite, tearing armour and bone, ripping flesh and sinew and shredding vehicles and other war-machines with equal ease. The latest addition to the Weaponry of the Mual'Baeth is the Predator known as the Sarcophagus of the Mual'Baeth. It was claimed during the Battle for Heration, where it was a vehicle in the loyalist “White Scars” Chapter, but the machine-spirit was viciously violated by the Mual'Baeth himself and driven onto the brink of insanity. The hull was desecrated in the name of the Ruinous Powers, and decorated as is fit for such vehicle. Furthermore it is rumoured that the Mual'Baeth have the mighty “Sun-Swallower” at his disposal. The “Sun-Swallower” is a relic from the time of Apostasy, and is by far the greatest war-machine in the host of the Mual'Baeth, floating gleaming above the battlefield, armed with a horrible Void-Cannon and imbued with the dark powers of Tzeentch.

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