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1 Gear on Lør 18 jan 2014 - 11:24


Menneske Paladin/Troldmand
nå, jeg havde kokset i regningen med hans rustning, så her er Gaels War-gear, for real...:

Padded Cloth Armour,
Covering Torso on all locations and Legs on 4-6 and Arms on 4-6 with DR 1*. It has reinforcements on the Chest, providing +1 DR against cut, on the torso on 4-6. It is Expertly Tailored and costs $562.5 and weighs 9.6 lbs.

Light Mail Armour,
Covering the Torso on all locations and both Arms and Legs on 4-6, with DR 3, 1 against cr. It weighs 21 lbs and cost $875.

Light Segmented Helmet, with Padding
Covering the Skull and has a Nasal (Covers the Face on a 6) with DR 3. the Padding gives +1 DR to the Skull, for a full DR 4. It has a Light Leather of Quality Aventail, providing DR 3, DR 2 against imp on the neck, from the back only. It is decorated, lvl 1, and weighs 5.6 lbs, and costs $350, including the Padded Cap.

Medium Hardened Leather Greaves and Bracers
Providing DR 2 on the shins (legs on 1-3) from the front only, and on the Forearms (arms on 1-3). They are both made with Expert Tailoring, They cost $187.5 a piece, and weigh 3.2 lbs each, for a combined cost of $375 and a weight of 6.4 lbs

Light Scale Gauntlets
Yields DR 3, 2 against cr, on the Hands. They are Expertly Tailored, and decorated, lvl 1. They cost $224, and weigh 1.4 lbs

Medium Leather Boots
yields DR 2, 1 against imp, on the Feet. They are Expertly tailored. They cost $60 and weigh 1 lbs

His total Armour is: $2446.5 and 45 lbs

His full War-gear, with a Sword, 2 spear, and a Light, Medium Buckler is: $3196.5 and 63 lbs

In addition to this he carries a Long Bow ($200 and 3 lbs) and a quiver of 10 arrows ($20 and 1 lbs).

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2 Re: Gear on Lør 18 jan 2014 - 14:39


Menneske Svaneridder
Najs. Det ser super godt ud

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