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The Angels Sanguine

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The Angels Sanguine

Chapter Master Hieronymus Vulgata sits still in the dark on his Cathedra on the bridge of his Battle Barge.
In his meditative prayer state Hieronymus does not acknowledge the high klaxons announcing night-cycle onboard the venerable vessel "The Spear of Sanguinus", the mighty Cloister-Barge of the Angels Sanguine. It is the fifth time night conqueres day during Hieronymus' meditatitive prayers, yet he does not acknowledge the changes. The sudden disappearance of the bright almost white light of the battlebarge leaves a nimbus of sparks on the lens of the two hooded honor guards beside Hieronymus.
The honor guards has held their silent vigil beside their honorable master ever since he began his prayers 139 hours earlier, just about 5 days standard on Baal Triune, the Monastery Fortress World of the Angels Sanguins.
For 139 hours they have stood silent as statues with the cowl of their robes drawn up, so as not to tempt their eyes and thoughts looking at the magnificent murals depicting the Emperor and Sanguinus on Baal Secundus during the first founding. The robes are half red and half black, vertically.
The red color symbolizes the spilled blood of Sanguinus aboard Horus Battlebarge Vengeful Spirit while the black is a constant reminder of the shame all righteous must bear inside their hearts as long as the traitorous sons of Hours and their abominations still lingers inside the Imperium of Man.

Hieronymus’ robes are different though. He bears the black shame on his left side, the heart side, but instead of red his right side is blue. Hieronymus is aware of all this, his thoughts slowly coming back from his meditative prayers. His thoughts lingers at his own person.
The belt around his waist carries no martial weapons, although he is not unarmed. In his belt resides the Red Tome, a symbol of his power and a source to it.
Brother Hieronymus Vulgata is not only Chapter Master of the Angels Sanguine, he is also the First Epistolary, a title he has had for almost 7 decades since he replaced the former Chief Librarian.
"The pen is mightier than the sword" whispers Hieronymus, an old proverb from old-earth from before the unification wars. The thought brings a small smile to Hieronymus' stern face. “If that was so” he whispers, “So much would be different..”

The opening of the great gates of shame in the end of the hall returns the last of Hieronymus mind to his body.
For five days the Reclusiarch of the Angels Sanguine has waited outside the heavy golden doors, so as not to disturb his Masters prayers, a feat in itself for one such as the highest ranking chaplain in the chapter. The Reclusiarch is not a patient man. Hieronymus knows this. When the holy fire of scripture resides in him the Reclusiarch becomes almost possessed, a trait that has won the battle for the Chapter at several occasions. On one of these occasions the First Chaplain earned himself the title The Butcher of Broo’min for the blood bath he created holding the gate at the bastion world of Broo’min during a rogue governors ambitious revolt.
Another good reason to teach brother Eusebius a lesson decides Hieronymus.

The butcher of Broo’min enters the hall bearing his black armor and skull mask. As all members of the chapter his face is covered. Only the Emperor is allowed to see the shame of a brother’s face on the last day.
The only exception to this rule is the Chapter Master, who must bear the sum of all the shame on his face without ever flinching. Such is the rule of the Angels Sanguine.

Brother Eusebius reaches the Cathedra is silence, with only the low hum of the honor guards terminator armor to break the silence in the holy hall.
Most Sanguine” brother Eusebius exclaims as he kneels before his Master. Laying his hand on the leering skull helmet of his Reclusiarch Hieronymus blesses him and asks him to rise.

“What news do you bear in front of me brother? “demands Hieronymus in a clear deep voice.
“I have dire news, Most Sanguine, a threat to a most holy relic of the Imperium and our Chapter”. Clearly agitated the Reclusiarch fights to keep his voice as low and controlled as the First Epistolary and Chapter Master.
“The agro-world of Reinhausen IV, on which soil the Emperor himself once stood with our beloved Sanguinus has fallen into the hands of Chaos.” Brother Eusebius can feel the righteous wrath in his body rise once again as he explains the situation to his Master. “The holy site where the most holy Emperor of mankind and our beloved father Sanguinus once stood in rejoice must not fall into the hands of the traitorous bastards of Abaddon and his 13th Crusade.” In his agitation the butcher of Broo’min seems even more like an angel of death. Finally able to contain his righteous wrath brother Eusebius hands his Master the data-slate he has been clutching so feverish in his hands while explaining the situation.

The most holy hall of the Cloister-Barge falls silent again as Hieronymus tabs through the relevant strategic material regarding Reinhausen IV. The faint and low noice of the honor guards antique armor is like a constant hum in the hall, almost like a constant prayer notes brother Eusebius.

Hieronymus remains silent and unmoving for a long time after finishing the data. The data collected in the data-slate is cold, calculated and strategic stringent, a trait he has always liked with his second-in-command.

“Summon the command cadre” commands the Chapter Master and First Epistolary of the Angels Sanguine.


After a while his three lieutenants arrives in the hall, all dressed in their white, black and red battle armor. They are the Chosen of Sanguinus, the Sanguinary Priests of the chapter.
Most Sanguine !” they declare in unison while kneeling before their Lord and Master. The butcher of Broo’min joins them in the gesture.

Hieronymus bids them rise. They are proud and holy warriors, such men should kneel for no others.

“Brother Rafaellus, Brother Ignatius, Brother Athanasius” Hieronymus takes his time looking at them while speaking their names.
““Most Sanguine !” their voices booms in return.

Hieronymus is proud of his lieutenants, they are the fiercest and most vigilant of his officers. The proud feeling is quickly replaced by a deep sorrow. Once they were five, now only three stand before him. The two places where Tertullian and Gregorius once stood are vacant, a symbol of the eternal war against chaos.
They are not the only ones missing. Since Hieronymus took seat as the Chapter Master of the Angels Sanguine almost 4 decades ago, their numbers have been reduced steadily every year as each and every conflict took its toll on his brothers.

Soon there will be only us left, then who shall defend the Imperium from the Traitors and their abominations?
The thought is staggering and leaves a sharp pain inside him.

Soon, Yes, But not yet! Not Yet!
The glory of the Imperium fills Hieronymus and the previous thoughts of misery evaporates as quickly as they arrived.

The Chapter Master and First Epistolary of the Angels Sanguine rises from his Cathedra with a clear mind and faith of the Emperor in his heart as he declares the ancient mantra of his Chapter:

Sanguinius looks upon us now!


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